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Barber Tools

We use quality products to provide the best experience.

Products: Products

One Eyed Jack
beard oil


A subtle refined scent for the active rogue.

This is one of our signature beard oils made right here in Arizona.


Three Wise Men
Beard oil


Layers of warm spice for the seasoned gentleman.

This is one of our signature beard oils made right here in Arizona.


various Reuzel brand pomades


The finest Holland has to offer! 

Medium hold pomades. Matte pomades. High shine pomades, and High hold pomades so thick your finger might get stuck in the tin.


Reuzel Tonics


Grooming Tonic 

light hold, low shine, water based

 -You need to add a little extra boost to fine hair, this is just the thing. If you use a blow dryer, it’ll protect your hair. And if you want a natural look, this tonic can stand on its own.

Hair Tonic

light hold, low shine, oil free

-It’s a multipurpose tool with a classic masculine smell. A good way to clean the scalp without stripping oils from it.

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